Trägheit des Moments

[Installation Kinetic Sculpture]

Traegheit des Moments - Katrin Caspar

Trägheit des Moments Animation - Katrin Caspar

Trägheit des Moments (Inertia of the moment) is a kinetic installation and part of the series „Circulations“. Three sculptures of the same kind are arranged together in a stage like setting, where every individual sculpture faces a different direction. The sculptures consist of two metal bars, where one of them, the horizontal axis is set in motion by a small motor. The horizontal bar moves slowly up and down, this movement in turn inflates the plastic bag attached to the front end of the bar. The question of balance is omnipresent. Stones on the floor prevent the sculpture from falling. Many small weights keep the horizontal bar moving preserving it from standing still. A constant struggle of the air against the power of movement, its gravity and the heaviness of its own materials. It is a search for the ideal state of all forces, for equilibrium and a continuous flow.

On one hand there’s the thin, fragile, translucent plastic on the other hand the solid steel and heavy stones…. And then there’s air. Air itself is invisible, air in motion generates streams. These can be felt as wind but one cannot see them. The only thing that is visible to us are the effects of its kinetic energy transforming and reshaping its environment. Here the transformation reshapes the plastic foil, the bags inflate and generate subtle sounds which are transmitted through the air. The static ups and downs of the movement generate a meditative rhythm balancing material, forces and air.

Material: steel, aluminium, dc-motor, HDPE foil, stones

Year: 2019