Nine Lives

[Installation Performance]

nine lives













in collaboration with Darsha Hewitt & Bengt Sjölén

Nine lives was an installation realised during the arthackday Going Dark in 2013 at LEAP Berlin. Within 48hrs a collaborative piece between myself, Darsha Hewitt & Bengt Sjölén brought to live. Starting with the initial question of: what are the possibilities of e-waste, in this case old, thrown away batteries? Can they be still useful and how much power is still left within them? The journey involved research in form and function, experiments and resulted in a playful installation full of small happenings and a live performance.

We are making power. We distracted the staff at Bauhaus and Conrad so we could secretly steal batteries from the recycle stations at the front of the store. We wanted to see how many used batteries we need to power some some simple audio-visual circuits and sparkles. What resulted from this research? We cleaned a lot of batteries, we started to appreciate their individual uniqueness and we we conducted a lot of experiments…
Though these cast-off objects were deemed useless, a battery can have several lives. Nine Lives is a multimedia installation that includes a lowtech audio-visual installation, drawings, experiments, multiples and performative elements.


Material: various recycled batteries, LED s, small motors, speakers, sound-chips, custom electronics, copper wire

Year: 2013