Errors in Perception

[Soundinstallation Soundperformance]

Errors in Perception

Errors in Perception


in collaboration with Flora Könemann

…preformed attitudes affected by my own emo, represent my internal state?

Where will my preconceptions lead me? Stereotyping? How often have you been trapped in a false consensus, assuming that other people agree exactly with your own values and beliefs? Do you see, do you hear the same as I do? Do I see, do I hear the same as you do? I project, we project. Do I interact or do I react? I am not consistent in what I do, but how often have I assumed consistency in other peoples behaviour? false. conclusions. made. How often have I been trapped in errors of communication? I repeat. I repeat.I repeat. I repeat. Is it all resulting in a fundamental attribution error?

The installation consists of a tape player constantly playing a loop of the song „errors in perception“ while in another part of the room two mounted speakers perform an on-going dialogue with each other. The dialogue consists of a monotonous ‘hello’, spoken by ‘Alex’, one of the standard text to speech translator voices. Both in the same space, the tape player and the speaker installation form a never-ending (non-) dialogue, resulting in a lulling atmosphere where we find ourselves between pleasant boredom and timeless perception.

///. recording installation space
///. live recording performance 10/08/10

Material: speakers, tape, tapedeck, drawing

Year: 2010