And again


And Again

And Again

And Again


And Again is a sound installation consisting of 7 slinkys (metal springs). These are suspended tightly using transparent strings from the ceiling. Each string is connected to a motor and is gently pulled over a period of time. One small action with big impact — a movement that multiplies itself within the object. Each motor behaves differently, but determined according to its own set of rules. The mechanical vibration of the object will be transformed into its sonic representation by contact microphones which are connected to each slinky on the ground. Everytime the slinky triggers the microphone a tone is generated. The more triggers the more sounds. The motion of the object is shaping its tone, all motions together forming the sound in the space. There is never silence, there are always Waves. Coming and going. A complex system organized by its own.

[photos by: Aoife Giles]


Material: slinkys, motors, custom electronics

Year: 2012