random hit


random hit

random hit


In former times the overhead projector was a common tool to show and discuss knowledge in an educational space. You could find this machine in every classroom in every school and usually only in schools. Putting up transparency by transparency the teacher used to be a narrator, telling a story like turning page by page in book. In this way, text was written in a linear way.

The work random hit looks for a different form of narrative in text (and image). The story will be created between single pieces each text consists of: words, dots, lines and other types of punctation. The framework of each story will be a randomly hitted article from wikipedia – the place that became almost our daily resource of knowledge. The taken article is cutted into its single parts and filled into a transparent box that is mounted on top of the overhead surface. Therefore the 2-dimensional surface becomes now a 3-dimensional space, controlled by the flow and rest of the air that comes from fans. Both the extension and the projection give us a look into this space at the same time. Words are flying, sometimes, sometimes not, finding their position, looking for new one, resting, flying, resting and tumbling down… getting sharper and sharper and unsharp again on its projected copy.

[photos by: Eva Eland]

Material: overhead projector, motors, acryl-glas, custom electronics, vinyl & text

Year: 2009